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Sunday Olorunsheyi is a highly engaging business and management consultant. His professional experience of over 20 years in business development transcends the ordinary. Having built over 30 businesses operating both nationally and internationally, Sunday has mastered the tenets of business success and has gained a wealth of experience that allows him provide practical insights to his clients. In the past decade, he facilitated the creation of over 20 locally and globally relevant companies transcending across various sectors including Retail Chain Store, Real Estate, Technology, Agriculture and many more. He seats on the boards of 6 companies in these fields where he actively and majorly contributes to their business expansion and management strategies.

Sunday is a multidisciplinary coach and training expert with a distinctive approach. He has a mandate to disrupt the status quo in the fields of Personal Development, Sales and Marketing, Corporate Effectiveness, Leadership and Governance and he is gainfully doing so. He has trained over 10,000 individuals in about 7 countries in 3 continents around the world and the list is constantly expanding.

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